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The human microbiome is the collection of microorganism that reside within your body. Each part of your body has its own microbiome—from your skin to your gut and, in women, your vagina. Your microbiomes are powerful, complex and essential to maintaining your health, producing vitamins, breaking down food to extract nutrients, and supporting your immune system.

Probiotics are the only way to add good, new bacterial species to the microbiome and boost your body’s overall wellness.

The basics of probiotics.

“Probiotic” literally means for life:

Often called “friendly bacteria,” probiotics are live microorganisms that offer a multitude of health benefits for your body. These “good” microbes work to balance your gut. The right probiotic can support your digestive and immune health and, for women, even promote vaginal and urinary health.

Quality. Diversity. Total transparency.

Our product formulation promise is three-fold:

Multiple, custom-chosen strains
promote a diversity of health benefits—because different strains serve different purposes. Simply put, different strains = different benefits.

Strain transparency
empowers you to choose what’s made for you. The majority of our products list our strains proudly and prominently on our packaging, allowing traceability to clinical data.

Potency guaranteed through expiration
ensures your last capsule has the live bacterial count that is promised on the front of the bottle. Not all probiotics guarantee potency through the end of shelf life, but we do for each andevery product.

A holistic approach for holistic health.

We offer a range of solutions that, when taken together, promote the total balance your body needs:



Fish Oil



Clinically researched.

Scientifically proven.

Our world-class solutions for women are scientifically proven and backed by 25 years of clinical research in women’s health. Science is the reason we’re ranked the #1 Women’s Probiotic*, and why our quality, purity and potency are always guaranteed.

From our labs to your life.

Meet our highly esteemed in-house experts, who together bring decades of experience in cutting-edge science, microbiology and product innovation to Renew Life.